Sunday, September 20, 2009

How to get hot pink nail polish off your 3 year old's clothes

Ahh, Jordyn...

I love my adventuresome little three year old girl. She funny, creative, compassionate and zany... but sometimes, just occasionally she decides to do really super naughty things...

Like the time she drew all over herself in sharpie
Or covered her whole room with baby powder because, "tinkerbell had a diaper rash."
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or the day she covered herself with waterproof mascara...
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Well, today she found a new adventure... nail polish... on her fingernails, her hands, her arms and (drumroll please...) her brand new dress she wore for the first time today. Fabulous.

So, a internet search later I find a few things that are suggested (besides the obvious nail polish remover, which doesn't seem to actually remove nail polish very well when it comes to clothes.)

- Hairspray or bug spray and a spoon. i don't know why the spoon, maybe its like a wash board, but we tried this all first... and it definately started to work, not fabulous, but after a few minutes of scrubbing we got it a bit lighter... looked more like a fruit punch stain than hot pink nail polish all over the dress!

And so I went to my old standby for stains, and I swear they aren't paying me... but I took out my giant tub of OxiClean and let the dress soak in it for an hour, rubbed more oxiclean in and left it while we went out to church, a birthday party and dinner... just got home and.... tada!!! the dress looks good as new!
ps- for those of you who are wondering about the sharpie removal, anything with alcohol takes it right off skin... I used an old bottle of perfume on jordyn the day she colored her whole self sharpie black, and in ran right off of her body... no such luck with the fabric that go around...

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