Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy in the kitchen - and even more when it's not me

There is something so satisfying about sitting down to a home cooked meal - something that didn't just come out of a box in the freezer and not simply picked up from a drive through window (although there are nights that is satisfying too...) however, there is also something super overwhelming about getting this done everyday...

the other week when both of my girls had colds, I posted this on facebook:

Lindsay Reskey has a sick three year old who can't seem to fall asleep and a two month old who can't keep a pacifier on her mouth. I think I've purellified myself fifteen times in the past hour.

bright and early the next morning (well not too early, because that would be another story) I had a girlfriend and her little girl standing on our doorstep with a hot cooked breakfast. "I saw on your facebook that the girls were sick. I thought it was the least I could do to help."

It was such a simple action but completely brightened a dreary day where you can't do anything besides care for sick kiddos. It really touched me. And made me want to do something like that for someone else...

And reminded me that I think I like meals other people make even more than I like my own!

Another couple of girlfriends and I have been brainstorming about how to eat more homecooked meals and still have time to spend with our babies, husbands and on ourselves... Soulution - meal swap. Each of us triple the recipe we are cooking one night a week and go pick up a hot homecooked meal two nights a week... So say Monday I cook three batches of Chicken enchiladas, my girlfriend cooks on wednesday three batches of lasagna and friday my other girlfriend cooks a roasted chicken and potatoes. I am so excited about this potential to be in the kitchen a little less and having my family eating homecooked meals more...

QUESTION: What are some of your favorite healthy meals to cook?

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